About Us

Hi, We're Move78

An innovative team of like-minded individuals. We are developing an artificial intelligence enabled enterprise-wide customer interaction platform.

Creating Man & Machine Partnerships

Artificial intelligence is transforming industries and we are dedicated to creating deep domain centric customer services platforms for our clients. The three industries that we focus on are, Financial Services, Telecom and Automotive. By harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning, we help companies have deep and meaningful services conversations. Our team has the domain expertise and technology depth to deliver on the near-human experience of our customer services platform. We are preparing the next generation workforce to work and co-exist with intelligent machines.


About Us

Move78 is an Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning embedded platform for Customer Interactions (Retail) & Back Office Process Automation, developed by Monocle Consulting. This platform has now been acquired by Mynd Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Move78’s proprietary Natural Language Processing Engine powers customer interactions through non voice channels like eMail BOT’s that have been deployed across leading BFSI organizations.

Move78's proprietary Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) has the unique capability to process Digital as well as Non Digital documents & combined with Advanced Analytics to create intelligent, business ready reports. Wide range of plug & play IDP service are available for BFSI, F&A & HRO Businesses.

Move78’s proprietary Intelligent Sales Reconciliation system automates reconciliation of sales & collection across multiple Points of Sales with multiple bank accounts. What would otherwise be a Hercules task involving multiple resources & prone to manual errors, gets automated & generates exception reports, slashing manual effort to less than 10% with 100% accuracy rates.

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For enquiries, please write to sales@myndsol.com