Retail Lending/SME lending in Banking Industry

Automated analysis of these
documents with credit profiling and smart analytics

Bank Statements

Move78 Bank Statement IDP Solution automates the whole process of financial checks, data verification, income analysis, spends, and extraction of monetary data from the document.

It determines the creditworthiness of an applicant with a fast credit assessment and real-time decisioning of the applicant's (Individual in case of Consumer lending/ and SME in case of corporate lending) financial health. This has proven to assist in dramatical improvement in the turnaround time for processing an application, irrespective of the channel where the application is submitted (offline/online).

Bank Statement IDP Solution is able to provide deep analysis of user/company credit obligations of upto 6 different levels (such as EMI, cheque bounces etc.)

Salary Slips

The Move78 credit IDP solutions supports processing & analyzing of salary slips irrespective of nature or format of document. It supports both digital, non-digital formats and further offers verification with bank statements for complete income analysis and credit profiling of the user.

Income Tax Returns

Move78 credit IDP Solutions offers a smart ITR processing solution. Our enhanced tools are able to fetch customer’s tax returns from Individual to SME’s to established MNCs

The tool performs complete extraction of personal information, balance sheet, profit & loss statement and generates a real-time comprehensive ITR analysis report giving a complete 360 -degree view of company financial health.

Various Digital formats supported for last 3 years : ITR -1, ITR -2, ITR -3, ITR -4, ITR -5, ITR -6, ITR -6AS

Form 16 and Form 26 AS

The Move78 IDP credit solutions support extraction and analysis of Annual form-16 and Form 26AS of a taxpayer. Credit officers can use these solutions to assess the financial health of an applicant in terms of TDS and TCS and annual tax computation.

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