Natural Language Processing
powered eMail BOT’s:

Email BOT’s are one of the most complex use cases where our proprietary NLP Engine reads customer emails, identifies the customer intent & responds to the customers mail with resolution. Not only does this significantly improve Customer Service Agent’s productivity but also acts as a Business Continuity Planning tool that ensures customer emails are being processed in case of natural disasters that limit staff’s ability to attend office. Total savings can range anywhere between 35% - 60% of the Total Cost of Operations for a customer care or partner care email process.

Industries for which we have Plug &
Play services for email BOT are:

Mutual funds

Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Home Finance

Retail Lending – Personal Loans


Intelligent Document Processing Engine

Businesses are adopting digitization in more ways than ever before & one of the biggest areas of impact is moving to a paperless world. Documents are moved digitally instead of the physical paper movement. Businesses that still print paper are also moving to digitization by scanning of physical paper.

Moving beyond digital movement of papers, Move78’s Intelligent Document Processing engine automates processing of documents through Proprietary Intelligent OCR & Advanced analytics whereby processes are converted into Straight Through Process & Management by Exception..

Move78’s proprietary Intelligent Sales Reconciliation system automates reconciliation of sales & collection across multiple Points of Sales with multiple bank accounts.

What would otherwise be a Hercules task involving multiple resources & prone to manual errors, gets automated & generates exception reports, slashing manual effort to less than 10% with 100% accuracy rates.

Move78 — Maximize Your Success

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